Stacked Card Block πŸ›’

To customize the Stacked Card Block, you can use the below settings:

  • Slides: Add or delete one or more card slides and modify the card background text, title, description, button text, and button link.
  • General
    • Change the layout of the stacked card from the given options.
    • Enable/disable the background text and adjust the stroke width & opacity.
    • Enable/disable card title, description, and button using toggle buttons.
    • Display: Hide/Show the Stacked Card individually from a desktop, tablet, or mobile.
    • Animation Effects: Set the animation effects with multiple options on the Stacked Card like Fade, Bounce, Swing, etc.
  • Spacing: Adjust the margin & padding of the stacked card block, title, description, and button.
  • Border: Adjust the border width, color, and style of the stacked card block & button.
  • Box Shadow
    • Adjust the shadow of the Stacked Card usingΒ Horizontal, Vertical, and BlurΒ Shadow options.
    • Set the color of the Stacked Card shadow using theΒ Box Shadow ColorΒ option.
  • Color & Background Settings
    • Change the stacked card background, background text & stroke text, title, description, and button color.
  • Typography
    • Set the stacked card background text, title, description, and button typography using Font Size, Font Family,Β Font Weight, Line Height, Text transformation, Text decoration, and Letter Spacing options on individual devices like desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Additional Settings
    • You can add the Additional unique ID, Additional class, and custom CSS code.