What Spice Blocks Are?

What Spice Blocks Are?

Spice blocks are basically Gutenberg based blocks with advance features. Spice blocks provide advance settings which you can use to design you page wiith more efficiently with full responsiveness.

Spice blocks give an ultimate page-building experience with advanced functionalities you’ll need to design stunning websites with the WordPress block editor.

Spice blocks comes with 23+ creative & unique blocks which can be use to create responsive & stunning websites quickly.  With spice block editor you can build fully custom websites using a beautiful drag-and-drop editor.

Every block you add is optimized for high performance so your website loads at a lightning speed.

Spice block editor comes with 23+ useful blocks which give you power to create fully responsive and seo optimized website without writing a single line of code.

Blocks Included in spice block editor are :-

  • Heading Block
  • Text editor block
  • Divider block
  • Spacer block 
  • Button block
  • Icon block
  • Section block
  • Image block
  • Blockquote block
  • Call to action block
  • Accordian block
  • Pricing table block
  • Icon list block
  • Image comparison block
  • Image gallery block 
  • Image accordion block
  • Progress bar block
  • Progress graph block
  • Google map block
  • Service block
  • Team block
  • Social icon block
  • Flipflop block