Spice Blocks Explained

Spice Blocks Explained

In addition to the Gutenberg block editor Spice blocks comes with many useful block and block patterns that can be used to create webpages. 
Spice blocks offer advance section block,  advance heading block, text editor block, advance button block,  awesome icon block, image block, call to action block, accordion block pattern, time line block pattern, call to action block pattern, blockquote block pattern etc.

With spice blocks you get additional customizable settings with every block that the Gutenberg block editor is not offering. 

You can use our block on your webpage and customize them with additional settings and give a more awesome look to your webpage.

1. Spice Block Heading:-

Spice Block heading comes with many additional settings over the Gutenberg block editor heading. You can set the background color, text shadow, text decoration, and stunning animation on your heading block.

2. Spice Block Sections:-

Spice Block Section allows you to customize columns and create attractive rows on your Webpage.
Start by selecting the number of columns you want in a row.
Then you get to customize the size of the container, Number of columns, background color, or image.
If you’ve selected a particular layout, you can always modify it by increasing or decreasing the number of columns and column width.
This way, you have complete control the  flexibility over the design.

3. Spice Text Editor Block:-

With Spice block text editor you can set the background color on your paragraph, apply additional margin and padding on text, and Drop cap text with awesome settings.

4. Spice Divider Block:-

Spice Divider offers various divider styles that can be used to separate content or beautify webpages. 
The width, height, color, and shadow can be adjusted of the divider to make it according to the design.

5. Spice Button Block:-

Fancy buttons are always needed for a good design.  With spice block editor we offer buttons with special features.  You can customize button width, height color, and background color according to your design.
With the Spice block button, you can give it a nice shadow or animation efface as well.

6. Spice Spacer Block:-

For creating a good design we have to put some space between different blocks or elements. For this, we use a spacer which is a great option for creating white space on a webpage. Space can be increased or decreased by the spacer settings.

7. Spice Icon Block:-

Icons are always a good option to use to decorate content on posts and pages. 
With spice icon block you can create simple, stacked, hover style, shadowed, and framed icons with some special settings which come with spice block editor.

8. Spice Image Block:-

Spice Image block is Powered With full image customization or editing features. You can edit your image completely on your page with an image block you can add a colored border, can round image borders, can change image colors with an advanced image filter option, and many more.

9. Spice Blockquote Block:-

Got some essential statements to highlight? Maybe a quote, a pro-tip, or even a statistic. Use the Spice Blockquote block for this. You can customize this blockquote by adjusting the space between the heading and quote, can change the background image, and giving a nice shadow around it.

10. Spice Call To Action Block:-

Get your prospects to take action. It can be a call to action to download a free product, subscribe to a free course, or even accept free membership. Create attractive lead magnets and offers using the Call To Action block in Spice Blocks.

11. Accordion block:-

Use accordion blocks to display text content in collapsible sections. This is a great option for structured, text-heavy pages like FAQs or product offerings. Accordion blocks help keep your page short and reduce scrolling for your visitors. Customize accordion icon size, position, spacing between content etc. according to your design by the settings given into it.

12. Pricing table block:-

The Pricing Table block lets you build beautiful, dynamic pricing tables right inside the WordPress editor. Add up to four tables, control the background colors, text colors, paddings, and position of any of the pricing table blocks.

13. Icon list block:-

The Icon List block for WordPress allows you to create bulleted lists using different icons. Use the icon list to make your layout less cluttered and showcase list items more effectively. Create checklists, feature lists and the like.

14. Image comparison block:-

Image Comparison Block is a custom Gutenberg Block developed for Images Comparison. You can easily showcase the Images Comparison. It comes with different styles and settings so that you can easily customize it as per your needs.

15. Image gallery block:-

Use the Gallery block to display multiple photos together. The Gallery block contains individual Image blocks for each image and arranges them in an attractive way

16. Image accordion block:-

Highlight your images with amazing hover and click effects using Image Accordion block. It ensures the perfect image quality and combine them beautifully with amazing accordion effects.

17. Progress bar block:-

Using the Progress bar block, you can easily make your website interactive & grab the attention of your audience. You can use this in the WordPress block editor and showcase your important statistics, data, and achievements with beautiful bars.

18. Progress graph block:-

display your work progress with an awesome graph style with spice progress graph block.

19. Google map block:-

Customize and beautify the maps on your website with Spice map block. You can use the inbuilt map types and skins or easily customize them further.

20. Service block:-

With spice service blockyou can display services with custom icons and heading. You can customize them according to your website ui.

21. Team box block:-

Use this team box block to display team details. With image heading and text. You can customize it fully according to you.

22. Social icon block:-

The Social Icons block allows you to add icons linking to your social media profiles or sites. This helps to increase the visibility of your social media profiles and drive traffic to them.

23. Flipflop block:-

Use animated Flip Boxe block to highlight your content inside your page in a great way. These simple awesome filp boxes will add a special look and user experience inside your webpage.