Spacer Block

To customize the Space Block, you can use the below settings:

  • General
    • Height: Set the height of the Spacer.
    • Border: Set the Spacer’s border style, width, and color.
    • Border Radius: Adjust the border radius of the Spacer.
    • Margin: Adjust the margin of the Spacer.
    • Display: Hide/Show the Spacer individually from a desktop, tablet, or mobile.
    • Animation Effects: Set the animation effects with multiple options on the Spacer content like Fade, Bounce, Swing, etc.
  • Box Shadow
    • Adjust the box shadow of the spacer using Horizontal, Vertical, and Blur Shadow options.
    • Set the box shadow color using the Box Shadow Color option.
  • Background
    • Set the background color of the Divider using the Background Color option.