Spice Blocks Key Features Explained

Spice Blocks Key Features Explained

Create your dream website with a powerful visual website builder called spice block. Spice blocks works with default WordPress editor. Spice block works with native wordpress editor with no dependency on external code. So it is fast and stable.

Spice blocks are created with clean code with latest standards which provides maximum security and speed to your website. 
Let’s discuss some key points why to use spice blocks.

1. Native wordpress interface:-

Spice blocks are works on native wordpress editor you familiar with. This make spice blocks a super intuitive website builder.

2. Complete Design Freedom:-

Spice block works on flexbox. Flexbox lets you resize and restructure all the elements exactly the way you like, without restricting your design to a grid or table. Creating fully custom websites has never been easier than this.

3. Pre-build Presets:-

Spiceblocks come with so many prebuild presets which you can use to build your site quickly. Just browse through our preset block templates library and import what you like with a single click. Then, edit the content and colors to fit your branding and your website is ready to go.

4. Customizable styles:-

With Spice blocks You can customize every block to look exactly the way you want it to. Simply select a block and begin editing the settings to match your brand or personal styles easily.

5. Load Superfast:-

Spice blocks are fully-optimized for performance. Everything you build with Spice blocks is lean and offers performance that’s very close to hand-coding your website from scratch.

6. Fully customizable:-

Spice blocks gives you freedom to fully customize the blocks according to your ui which give life to your website.

7. Fully responsive for mobile:-

You not need to customize your website for every device. Spice blocks are fully optimize for every device by default. You just have to create website once and it is ready for every screen sizes.

8. Built in SEO features:-

The combination of optimized assets, faster load times, and schema support make it easier to create SEO-friendly websites.

9. Secure and reliable:-

Spice blocks are lightweight and created with clean and optimized code which allows you to create secure and stable websites without any dependencies.

10. Simple & user friendly dashboard:-

Spice block offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy to learn and to begin building amazing websites.