Icon Variations


Display creative icons in your webpage that makes your webpage unique from rest using our various styling controls, borders, typography , colors and many more.


Display unique stacked icons in your webpage with our ‘ Border Control ‘ Settings along with different layouts of styling border radius , colors and many more.

icon stacked

Display unique icons stacked in a circular shape in your webpage by just adjusting the border radius control to 50%, that makes your webpage a creative one.

icon stacked
with hover

Change the icon color and icon background color of the icons whenever the cursor moves over it using our ‘ Color & Background Settings ‘ hover control giving your icons a unique look.


Display beautiful framed icons in your webpage with our styling ‘Border ‘ and ‘ Color & Background Settings ‘ control and give your webpage a classy look.

icon with

Add a unique shadowy 3D touch to your icons with our stylish ‘ Box Shadow ‘ effect with all its dynamic controls- horizontal, vertical , blur and shadow color just customized according to your need.