Button Variations


Add beautiful custom buttons to your webpage with our button block using its various styling controls – typography , dimensions , layout, color and many more.

button with

Add unique borders to your buttons with our unique border control which enables to add four different customized borders on each side as per the need of the user curated in a very stylish touch.

button with

Change the text and background color of the buttons whenever the cursor moves over it using our hover control and give a stylish look to your webpage.

button with
hover border

Add beautiful and unique customized borders to each side of your buttons whenever the cursor moves over it with our customized border style and border color settings.

button with
round corner

Create classy buttons with rounded corners or even more different shapes with our Border Radius Control which enables to customize each corner uniquely.

button with

Add unique shadows to your buttons with our customized shadow color, normal width and blur width controls customizing as per your need giving your buttons a 3D touch.