Banner Slider Variations

banner slider

Transform your website’s aesthetics using the Banner Slider block with animation settings. Add captivating animations to your banners, enhancing visual appeal and user engagement. With customizable animation options, your sliders become dynamic focal points, creating an immersive and memorable experience for your audience.

banner slider
with navigation

Maximize user interaction with the Banner Slider block, featuring navigation settings. Enable bullets, slide numbers, or navigation icons to guide users through your content seamlessly. This customization ensures a user-friendly experience, allowing visitors to navigate and explore your banners effortlessly on your website.

banner slider
with background

Customize your Banner Slider block effortlessly with image overlay settings that can be toggled on or off. This feature adds versatility, allowing you to choose between a clean, image-focused display or an enhanced layout with overlays. Tailor your sliders to match your site’s aesthetic and engage your audience effectively.

banner slider
with color

Elevate your website’s visual impact with the Banner Slider block, featuring customizable settings. Adjust background color for a cohesive theme, personalize button colors, and modify button background hues. This versatility empowers you to create a visually stunning and branded slider that seamlessly integrates with your site’s design.

banner slider
with borders

Craft a polished Banner Slider with customizable border settings. Define borders for content, subtitles, and buttons, adding a refined touch to your sliders. This feature ensures a sleek and cohesive design, allowing you to tailor the block to match your website’s aesthetic and captivate your audience effectively.